Industrial Products Mould

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  • Pallet Mould

    Pallet Mould

    Single Faced Plastic Pallet Mould,It is difficult to grasp the rationality of the design of the casting system only by the experience of the mold engineer.
  • Bucket Mould

    Bucket Mould

    Custom Plastic Injection Bucket Mould,We are a mold manufacturer of over 24 years and always offering reliable products and good service.
  • box mold

    box mold

    Plastic Tool Box Mold Our management team has a good spirit, loves to learn, and has a strong pioneering spirit.
  • Crate Mould

    Crate Mould

    Crate Mould,Attched Lid Crate Mould This is very difficult for large products, which is the embodiment of our core competitiveness.
  • Beer Crate Mould

    Beer Crate Mould

    Supply Beer Crate Mould Material: PP/PE Size # OEM/ODM Service # Packing Details: wooden box Shipping Port: guangzhou
  • Auto Crate Mould

    Auto Crate Mould

    China Auto Parts Production Base" and "China Auto and Motor Parts Base". Aojie Mould are a responsible plastic mould manufacturer, which is specialized in developing, designing, manufacturing and processing various kinds of large or Auto Crate Mould medium size plastic moulds for both international
  • Agricultrial Crate Mould

    Agricultrial Crate Mould

    Agricultrial Crate Mould,Hot Sale High Quality Plastic Beer Container/Crate Injection Mould,professional in making a various size of plastic container mould.To keep the box mould high pressure injection moulding with long mould life, we use 2738 steel .