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    Why do injection products flash? Flash burr may occur during injection molding, which is largely due to the failure of mold or machine clamping force. It affects the quality of the product, we need to understand the cause of flash. ...
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  • Domestic mold manufacturers should expand scale and improve quality

    With the continuous progress of mold processing technology, China's mold in the high-tech drive and pillar industry application demand, formed a huge industrial chain. From the upstream of the raw and auxiliary materials indu...
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  • Thai customers visit our company

    Thai customers came to our company's mold factory to test the mold, the external structure, product performance and other aspects of a detailed on-site visit, customers are very satisfied with the effect of the mold, our company will do everything possible to prepare and...
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  • Quality System

    What is the most important thing during the mould-making process?  Is the quality material? An experience master or some advanced equipments?  Yes,they are all necessary,but the more important thing is to ensure that all the processes are according to the quality system....
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